Social Security Disability Information

Social Security Disability programs offer a source of income for consumers whose disability prevents them
from supporting themselves through employment. In determining eligibility for benefits, Social Security
reviews a person’s medical records to determine if the severity of a person’s disability is such that the
person cannot work or can no longer work. Social Security also looks at a person’s work history in
determining the amount of Social Security disability income for which a person would be eligible. Social
Security offers two different disability income programs:

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
-This program is for adults and children who are disabled and whose
work history is less than 10 quarters of employment. The current benefit amount is $772.00 per month.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
-This program is for person who are disabled and who have
worked for 10 or more work quarters. The benefit amount is determined entirely by a person’s history of
earnings and therefore, the income amount varies from person to person.

Additional information:

Understand how Social Security disability works and how to calculate your benefits here.

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