Transition To Community

Money Follows The Person

Since its inception in 1988, Independence Northwest has assisted consumers in skilled nursing facilities to return to life in the community with services and supports to live safe, successful and fulfilling lives in the communities of their choice.

In 2009, Independence Northwest became a transition coordination site for the Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration Project of the Connecticut Department of Social Services to assist residents of skilled nursing facilities in northwest Connecticut in returning to live in the community with home and community based services and supports. Money Follows the Person can provide limited funds to assist in establishing a community residence with home essentials. There is also funding for home modifications and state funded rental subsidies for those who qualify to assist with monthly rental costs.

To Qualify for Money Follows the Person, a consumer must:

  1. Have lived in a nursing facility for at least three months,
  2. Have or be eligible for Medicaid (Title XIX), and
  3. Have a desire to live in a Connecticut community of their choice in a family home, apartment or a community residence where no more than four unrelated people reside.

In addition to these qualifications, a consumer’s cost of care in a community setting must not exceed the cost of care that they presently receive in a skilled nursing facility. For those who do not meet the above criteria, state funded transition services are available to assist a consumer who does not qualify for the Money Follows the Person Project to return to the community.

To get started with Money Follows the Person, call the CT Department of Social Services Money Follows the Person Unit at 1-888-992-8637 or visit their website at

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